Today Starts Now and ‘Now’ is the time for a change

Companies must restructure and reconsider the way they interact with their customers to survive COVID-19.

What do organizations need to do right now to survive the current crisis?

Change the structure that is acceptable according to COVID rules (social distancing) which may not only help them to survive but also gain more sales, most of the consumers these days are looking out for ways to get their work done in various ways where human interaction is minimal to avoid risks. Accordingly, companies should function by cutting down human interaction almost completely. By insisting we have to get used to the new normal and compelling them to get back to the conventional routine like before, undoubtedly brings dissatisfaction in employees mind, increases stress and affects productivity. Hence, consulting experts and changing the structure is extremely important at least when there is a surge in the number of cases.

Start using powerful digital platforms, upgrade their branding, websites and start social media marketing as that’s the best way to reach your customers during COVID. Companies that are active digitally are having higher chances of survival than those who insist on functioning the way they did in pre-COVID times. As we all know, intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. That’s what we have learnt from our evolution. This is not just limited to physical evolution but the same goes with our overall survival. Any organization that fails to adapt to change by bringing in new norms that is acceptable as per COVID rules would eventually fail as this virus is going to remain for a reasonably long duration. Hence, approaching the experts and trying to quickly adapt to those changes despite all the uncertainties is slowly becoming inevitable to survive in today’s day and age.

There are ways to cut down the operational costs by including automation systems where possible. These days we have a lot of automation strategies that can streamline the work, particularly repeatable errands, which results in getting the work done quickly and proficiently without having to go through every step manually. Integration of automation isn’t new though; in the current circumstance, it would make a lot more sense for the organizations to quickly get adapted to it for the betterment.

Introduce a framework which can allow your employees to work remotely. Work from home too isn’t a new initiative, this has been there for quite some time. But now undoubtedly this is an inevitable step that all companies should mandatorily take until the COVID positivity rate reduces. Though companies might have to bear with a little amount of security and compliance issues, this is indeed a significant step and is a worthwhile contribution to employee wellbeing. McKinsey’s latest consumer-sentiment analysis shows the economy is indeed a concern for most Australians. It has bewildered the lives of many millennials, as they are most affected and are trying their best to cope with the current crisis but are finding it challenging. Shoppers are reconsidering their preferences on most purchase categories except for the most essential ones such as groceries etc. This inevitably has resulted in the onset of online stores and digital activities which is keeping the economy going and of course bringing down the risk which is most essential today.